There are many great bush tracks and walks on the doorstep at Raetihi Lodge.


Skiddaw Reserve is a 1.5 hour return walk departing from Raetihi Lodge. This walk is an easy to moderate track for walkers. There is a shorter route if you’d prefer.

This walks take you past Hopewell Lodge onto the Nature Reserve. You’ll follow the track through native bush, taking in the birdsong and scents of the local trees, plants and flowers including delicate native clematis climbing the towering southern rata. You’ll reach the gate of Skiddaw Farm, a historic working farm that spans right down the Kenepuru Sound. Gain a deeper understanding for the history of the people who lived in the area and their livelihoods that shaped the surrounding landscape.


Raetihi Walk has two options of length & difficulty; depending on how fit you’re feeling. The first part of the walk is easy to moderate if you don’t want such a challenge. You can walk up the Raetihi Track to our 5 big water tanks, then follow the path to the left about 50m towards to tele-communications pole. There you can see amazing views across Kenepuru Sound and bays. This shorter walk is about a 25-min return.


Raetihi Summit Walk If you choose to continue up the Raetihi Hill further it starts to get very steep, but you can walk as far as you like, then just turn around if it gets too hard. However, if you preserver and reach the top of the hill when you reach the ‘private property sign’, then you will be well rewarded as the views from the summit of the Raetihi Hill, which can be seen behind the Lodge, are stunningly beautiful!

The walk up to the Raetihi Summit will take you about 30 minutes of strenuous walking.  The walk back down the hill is less demanding, especially when you know there will be a cool drink or pot of tea waiting for you on your return.


Queen Charlotte Track has become known as one of the finest and most diverse coastal tracks in New Zealand. It is 71km long and most people walk the track over four days, however you can catch a water taxi on any given day if you would prefer a shorter walk. One of Raetihi’s local partners Wilderness Guides NZ offer some fantastic walking packages, either alone or with a guide. There will be extra charges for the water taxi legs, if you chose to just wake yourself. Find out more at Lodge Reception.

Suggestions for Day Walks from Raetihi Lodge to walk part of the Queen Charlotte Track are:

  1. From Te Mahia to Portage, starting with a water taxi to Te Mahia, then heads up the hill towards Mistletoe Bay where you’ll see the Track crossing. Head towards Portage, then after that, head towards Black Rock camp, about 1 hour past Portage, as the views across Queen Charlotte Sound are stunning. Then you would walk back to Portage where you could meet you water taxi back to Raetihi Lodge. This is about 5-6 hour trip.
  2. Alternatively, get a water taxi and walk from Portage to Te Mahia, where the water taxi could then bring you back to Raetihi. This would take about 3-4 hours return.

Visitors to the Queen Charlotte Track are asked to pay a small fee for crossing the private land sections of the track. This acknowledges the long-standing and ongoing commitment of these landowners. Private land access Day & Extended-days passes can be purchased from Raetihi Lodge Reception. A Day Pass is $12 per person.  See for more information.